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Smart Dock
To avoid ending up with 20+ tabs stacking up on top of each other, all pages are automatically grouped by app.
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Do Not Disturb
Stay focused all day long by muting notifications across all your apps. With just one click.
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App Mute
Mute some apps notifications while keeping others active. Be interrupted solely for things that matter to you.
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Unified Search for Google Drive
Easily find any document across all your Google Drive accounts. That spreadsheet, presentation or working paper is just a second away!
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Add as many accounts to your Station as you want: your different Gmail, Google Drive or Slack profiles are all neatly integrated.
Centralize everything
Recent Documents
Quickly switch between your last used pages: with one simple keyboard shortcut, you can see all the documents you've been working on.
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Notification Center
Have an overview of the different notifications you've received across all your apps. It's as simple as that.
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Auto Sleep
Apps are dynamically loaded & unloaded as you use them, making Station lighter on your CPU than most browsers.
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Easy Bookmark
Keep any page easily accessible at all times, what else?
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Team Repository
Get an overview of all the apps used by your teammates!
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Public App Store
With 600 web apps and counting, you'll find all you need in our public app store.
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Custom Apps
Add public, team specific or private apps to your Station with just a few clicks.
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