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Product Hunt

Product Hunt: How We Became Product of the Year in 90 Days

If you're looking to get real traction for your product in the least possible time, launching on Product Hunt is key. Here’s exactly what it is, how it works and how to get featured on Product Hunt to skyrocket traffic and user growth.
Romain Richard
April 21, 2021

Falling in love with problems

This is an honest look at what we've learnt at Station over the past 3 years and why we are moving forward with a new product.
Julien Berthomier
August 25, 2020

Station Desktop 1.0: the technical back story

Building an opinionated browser is hard. More than three years ago, when the team started the development, we chose Electron as a foundation for our application. Out of the box, the framework embeds Chromium and NodeJS runtimes to write cross-platform desktop applications.
Hugo Mano
August 23, 2020

Your way of working belongs to the Stone Age

You probably have a lot more in common than you think with the two people in the picture.
Julien Berthomier
May 16, 2017
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