Shortcut your way through all your work

Station is the browser extension that helps you switch across all apps, documents, notes, messages, and more. Stop losing time looking for your work, simply hit:

    Where is this document again?

    Find anything at the speed of light

    Switch effortlessly across any page and stop wasting time looking for your work. We optimize your search experience so that Station always shows you the most relevant results.

    Who needs bookmarks anyway?

    Navigate your work without the hassle

    Station automatically shows you your most used pages and recent history for all your apps. Choose from our 670+ available apps. 

    Working across many apps?

    Centralize your workflow in a single place

    Connect your favorite apps to Station and visualize scattered information in an actionable way. Switch to your Slack DMs or find any Google Drive document directly from Station.

    See all Power-Ups

    There’s more!

    Keep it clean

    Station detects already opened tabs and apps and switches back to those to avoid cluttering your workspace. 

    Protect your privacy

    We do not store any data on our servers, it stays in your browser, keeping your data secure and preserving your privacy in the process. 

    Google Search

    No need to go back to your address bar to search the web. Find Google suggestions and switch to Google results right from Station.

    They use Station every day

    Managers use Station to work faster.
    Station saves me countless minutes (that easily adds up to hours) navigating tedious file paths.
    Brittany Ryan, Content Manager
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